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The Advanced Wound Center at WMMC:
High-Tech Hope for Non-Healing Wounds

The Advanced Wound Center at Western Missouri Medical Center offers highly specialized treatments aimed at healing chronic wounds as quickly as possible.

If you have a wound that hasn’t healed in about four weeks with standard medical care, or the wound is complicated by diabetes, infection or poor circulation, it’s time to seek special treatment.

The Advanced Wound Center’s team is led by board-certified physicians who specialize in stubborn, slow-healing wounds caused by a variety of conditions:
  • diabetes
  • poor circulation in the legs
  • pressure ulcers (bed sores)
  • underlying bone infections (caused by chronic, open wounds)
  • traumatic injuries
  • surgical or other treatment issues
No matter the cause of the wound, the vast majority of patients are healed within 16 weeks.

Have an open wound or sore?
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you had it for more than four weeks?
  • Is the wound or area around the wound discolored, producing odor or excessive drainage?
  • Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or peripheral vascular disease?
  • Have you ever considered yourself “slow to heal?”
If the answer to any question was yes, consult your physician or call the Advanced Wound Center at 660.262.7575.
The latest science – right at your disposal
The Advanced Wound Center offers a full complement of proven tools that can heal your wound, even when previous methods weren’t successful.
  • Wound debridement: removing selective tissue to promote faster healing
  • Negative pressure therapy: creating a vacuum around the wound to carefully extract infectious fluids and promote healing
  • Topical dressings: ensuring the right medicines and protections are placed right where they’re needed most
  • Compression therapy: ensuring active blood flow in the affected area
  • Biological skin substitutes: using material that helps skin grow back over the wound
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: employing 100 percent oxygen and increased atmospheric pressure to promote faster healing
Ready to begin your pathway to healing?
Contact us today:
The Advanced Wound Center at Western Missouri Medical Center
403 Burkarth Rd in Warrensburg, Mo.
(660) 262-7575 / fax (660) 262-7578
Open 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (weekdays)

Physician referral is recommended, although not required. Our staff can help you coordinate insurance coverage, including preauthorization.

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